International Resources for Religious Pluralism

In a globalizing world, linked in so many ways by economic, political, and security concerns, it is important to recognize the local impact of the global and the global impact of the local. Religious pluralism is not just American challenges, but is a challenge for multi-religious democracies around the world. We are working to broaden our network to include international academic affiliates, finding synergies with research and study projects at centers and universities in other countries. This initiative is greatly informed by the insights of international visitors to the Pluralism Project, and by Diana L. Eck’s visits to countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

International Organizational Profiles

We are engaged in identifying a range of projects, centers, and institutes around the world that also focus on the promise and challenge of religious pluralism. We plan to get an overview of the architecture of this growing group of institutions.

International Research Reports

International Portraits

International Videos

International Directory Entries

This growing list focuses primarily on research centers and allied projects.

Religious Diversity News: International

The international scope of Religious Diversity News offers a broader awareness of the ways in which the issues of religious pluralism are on the agenda in the international arena, not only through well-known and oft-reported headline news, but in the regional and local ways that are our signature in tracking religious pluralism.

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An increasing number of international visitors have requested to meet with us at the Pluralism Project: some are individual scholars, and others are with delegations sponsored by the U.S. State Department's International Scholarly Exchange and International Visitors Program. These conversations with international colleagues invigorate our sense of purpose in our outreach and allow us connections with the centers and universities they represent.

Pluralism Project International Affiliates

Affiliates around the world contribute to a growing body of research.

Slide Shows

Sources of Information on Global Religious Distribution

These are online resources for background information on religious distribution, geographic data, and political systems in countries around the world.

International News

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