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Problems With Your Boss? Try A Chat With The Office Chaplain.
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Kentucky Says Noah's Ark Theme Park Won't Get Tax Breaks
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Sorry, Fido. Pope Francis did NOT say our pets are going to heaven
Religion News Service—17 December, 2014

Can’t Have Your Cake, Gays Are Told, and a Rights Battle Rises
The New York Times—17 December, 2014

Problematic Partnerships: Ohio Initiative Compels Public Schools To Link Up With Churches (Op-Ed)
Americans United—17 December, 2014

At Last, Muslims Can Savor A Halal Spin On Spain's Famous Jamón
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Rabbi David Saperstein confirmed as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom
Religion News Service—17 December, 2014

Hide the Religion, Feature the Science: 60 Minutes Drops the Ball on Mindfulness (Op-Ed)
Religion Dispatches—17 December, 2014

State Aid Formula Said to Hurt in a District Where Most Go to Yeshivas
The New York Times—17 December, 2014

Hanukkah History: Those Chocolate Coins Were Once Real Tips
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Churches and Conversations on Race
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly—17 December, 2014

Hanukkah Reignited
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly—17 December, 2014

Where a Holy Man Lies Frozen, Threat of a Standoff Looms
The New York Times—17 December, 2014

Brenham Synagogue to Find New Life in Texas
The New York Times—17 December, 2014

Hanukkah's Real (And Imagined) History
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Vatican Tries To Mend Fences With American Nuns
National Public Radio—17 December, 2014

Turkey Promotes Religious Schools, Often Defying Parents
The New York Times—17 December, 2014

Gilbert board on biology textbook redaction: nevermind
AZ Central—17 December, 2014

Church of England Names Rev. Libby Lane as First Female Bishop
New York Times—17 December, 2014

As Lawrence Evolves, St. Patrick’s Parish Broadens Its Mission
WBUR—17 December, 2014

'I'll ride with you': Australians offer to ride home with Muslims on public transport to counter fears of backlash
Mirror Online—17 December, 2014

'India with Pakistan': school massacre solidarity
BBC News—17 December, 2014

Islamic Center of Tucson Gets a New Leader
Arizona Public Media—12 December, 2014

Schmaltz Finds a New, Younger Audience
New York Times—10 December, 2014

Saint John Coltrane: Fifty Years of ‘A Love Supreme’ (Op-Ed)
Religion Dispatches—10 December, 2014

Navajo artists feeling turquoise pinch
AZ Central—10 December, 2014

Trendwatch: Thieves Taking the Christ out of Christmas. Literally.
Religion Dispatches—10 December, 2014

Bathroom Panic: How Faith-Based Myths Discriminate Against Transgender People
On Faith—10 December, 2014

In Troubled Times, Does 'The Black Church' Still Matter?
National Public Radio— 8 December, 2014

Setting Aside a Scholarly Get-Together, for the Planet’s Sake
The New York Times— 8 December, 2014

Heroin and the Faith Community
Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly— 8 December, 2014

Religious freedom bill passes out of Michigan House
Detroit Free Press— 8 December, 2014

Alaskan Muslims raising the roof of state's first mosque
Al Jazeera— 8 December, 2014

In Seven States, Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban
The New York Times— 8 December, 2014

Evangelicals add support for EPA plan to cut coal pollution
Religion News Service— 4 December, 2014

India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, aims to rebrand and promote yoga in India
The Washington Post— 4 December, 2014

Group condemns 'culture of religion' at Ohio school district
The Zanesville Times Recorder— 4 December, 2014

Home Invasions Stoke Fears Among Indian-Americans in New Jersey
The New York Times— 4 December, 2014

Smuggling a Sacrifice: Hindu Ritual Animal Slaughter Hit by Border Rules
The Wall Street Journal— 4 December, 2014

Bills aim to assure Ohio students’ religious expression at school
The Columbus Dispatch— 4 December, 2014

Guidelines For Productive Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue
The Huffington Post— 4 December, 2014

Meditating in Public
Tricycle— 4 December, 2014

Online troll or therapist? Atheist evangelists see their work as a calling
Religion News Service— 2 December, 2014

American Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South
Telegraph— 2 December, 2014

Arab-Jewish “Hand in Hand” school, symbol of Jerusalem co-existence, torched
Reuters— 2 December, 2014

China bans religion in Xinjiang, plans to fine offenders
Today's Zaman— 2 December, 2014

Two Florida Churches Merge With Hope Of Bridging A Racial Divide
The Huffington Post— 2 December, 2014

South Korea to Allow Christmas Tower at Border
The New York Times— 2 December, 2014

How the Religious See Robots
Discover Magazine— 2 December, 2014

Netherlands’ “War on Xmas” is “War on ‘Black Pete’”
Religion Dispatches— 1 December, 2014