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Many church choirs are dying. Here's why
Religion News Service—17 September, 2014

Group Pushes Further for Interfaith Marriage in Indonesia
The Wall Street Journal—17 September, 2014

European court tells Turkey to end compulsory religion course
Today's Zaman—17 September, 2014

China: Christians scramble to save churches, crosses
CNN—17 September, 2014

Sikh school comes up in UK
Business Standard News—17 September, 2014

For Ismaili Muslims, a Toronto milestone
Religion News Service—17 September, 2014

Understanding Shmita, Israel’s agricultural Shabbat | | Jewish Press of Pinellas County
Jewish Press of Pinellas County—16 September, 2014

The rise and fall of Mars Hill Church
The Seattle Times—16 September, 2014

Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green has big plans for his Bible museum in Washington
The Washington Post—16 September, 2014

Followers of Afro-Brazilian religions feel under attack
Al Jazeera—16 September, 2014

Dalai Lama calls inter-faith meeting in India amid rising tension
The Guardian—16 September, 2014

Indy's Festival of Faiths: A Journey to Connect in Faith (Photo)
SikhNet—16 September, 2014

Mormons embrace social media to push back against official church teachings
Religion News Service—16 September, 2014

Ayaan Hirsi Ali draws criticism from fellow atheists at Yale
Religion News Service—16 September, 2014

Cardinal Timothy Dolan to host interfaith breakfast in wake of Eric Garner death |—16 September, 2014

Modesto world religions course recognized in new book, state resolution
Modesto Bee—16 September, 2014

Covering Up With The Hijab May Aid Women's Body Image
NPR—15 September, 2014

Interfaith Peace Walk Inspires Athens Students, Residents
WOUB—15 September, 2014

N.C. Dunkin' Donuts bakery sued for religious discrimination
USA Today—15 September, 2014

Service a way for interfaith group to spread peace
Deseret News—15 September, 2014

U.S. churches feel beat of change
USA Today—15 September, 2014

Buddhist singing bowls could inspire highly efficient solar cells
Gizmag—15 September, 2014

New Sikh free school opens its doors in Coventry
Coventry Telegraph—15 September, 2014

Catholics celebrate 125 years in South Dakota
Argus Leader —15 September, 2014

Arkansas State removing cross decal from football helmets
Religion News Service—11 September, 2014

After 9/11, Minorities Bear Burden of Proving their Patriotism
NBC News—11 September, 2014

Treating mental illness with medicine and religion in India (Video)
PBS Newshour—11 September, 2014

Global religious gathering coming to Utah in 2015
The Salt Lake Tribune—10 September, 2014

'Knit a Brick' protesters take a 'wall' to the Capitol (Photo)
Religion News Service—10 September, 2014

Charlotte: A city of religious influence
The Charlotte Observer —10 September, 2014

Religion and the American armed forces: One army under God? (Blog)
The Economist—10 September, 2014

Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land
Religion News Service—10 September, 2014

Surf’s up: Blessing of the Waves in California
The State— 9 September, 2014

Prophet or Judas? Son of China’s church founder tackles thorny legacy.
The Washington Post— 9 September, 2014

House of One: a mosque, synagogue, and church under one roof
The Christian Science Monitor— 9 September, 2014

Evangelicals for Marriage Equality: The Story Behind Our Launch (Op-Ed)
Time — 9 September, 2014

Big churches, big bucks: Southern senior pastors take top salaries
Religion News Service— 9 September, 2014

Missouri lawmaker, wife ask court for contraception insurance exclusion
Religion News Service— 9 September, 2014

Interfaith coalition sponsors first event on Mt. Washington
The South Pittsburgh Reporter— 9 September, 2014

US imam urges Scots Muslims: speak out on IS
The Herald Scotland— 5 September, 2014

Religious Response to Ferguson
Religion & Ethics News Weekly— 5 September, 2014

Eboo Patel And Interfaith Action On Wednesday's Access Utah
Utah Public Radio— 3 September, 2014

Muslim conference in Detroit stirs controversy
The Detroit Free Press/USA Today— 3 September, 2014

National Museum of the American Indian celebrates 10th anniversary
The Washington Post— 3 September, 2014

SALDEF: Comcast Invests Two Million Dollars (Press Release)
Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund— 3 September, 2014

CHICAGO: Kids forego Jewish coming-of-age parties to build playground for other kids
The State— 3 September, 2014

Interfaith panel talk at Islamic Center of New England emphasizes knowing each other
The Sharon Advocate— 3 September, 2014

Rastafarian Student Reportedly Punished At School Over Dreadlocks
The Huffington Post/Worldwide Religion News— 3 September, 2014

Chronicling Mississippi’s ‘Church Mothers,’ and Getting to Know a Grandmother
The New York Times— 3 September, 2014

Buddhist relics go on display at Missoula College
Ravalli Republic— 3 September, 2014